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The Civil War Sewing Circle

Women's quilting played an important role in the Civil War. My latest book focuses on the role of quilting in women's sewing circles - quilts made for the soldiers,  fundraising  and friends. When the Civil War began, women quickly organized groups to send blankets, quilts and clothing to support the enlisted men. It was this experience - organizing the making of, distributing and raffling off of quilts for the cause - that led to important changes in women's roles and had a huge impact on the women's rights movement after the war. Filled with eloquent excerpts from letters written to and from soldiers and wonderful historical photos that capture the time period so well. 

The Civil War Sewing Circle contains patterns for 16 appealing projects, including large quilts, doll quilts, a pincushion, sewing box, and needle case, all perfect for your reproduction fabrics.

Signed by the author (me)      $24.99  plus shipping

(If you would like a personalized inscription from me, please give me your name spelled exactly as you would like it to appear in the book, or the book will arrive with my signature only.)

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Remembering Adelia: $ 24.99
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Prairie Children & Their Quilts 

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American Doll Quilts . . . $24.99 (plus shipping & handling)

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Remembering Adelia

 Remembering Adelia was inspired by the diary that was kept by a young woman during the Civil War. Adelia Thomas' diary had been locked in a trunk in a family's attic for over 100 years.  I came across it at a local historical society several years ago while I was researching photos for my last book, Prairie Children and Their Quilts.

Upon glancing through the diary, I discovered that Adelia was a quilter and I became fascinated with her journal entries about daily life on a farm in northern Illinois in 1861, the year the Civil War broke out. I knew I had to tell her story and design quilts to go along with it.

Remembering Adelia 
features a number of large quilts as well as charming doll quilts and is full of 19th century quilting traditions. Look for it in quilt shops or order your signed copy from me.

Prairie Children & Their Quilts

What was life like for children growing up on the prairie? Inspired by actual children’s diaries from the American frontier, this follow-up to the bestselling American Doll Quilts gives complete and easy directions to create small, antique-style projects as you read about the lives of pioneer children and their families.

Fourteen patterns spotlight popular quilt designs from the nineteenth century

• Projects include a signature quilt, a game-board quilt, a schoolhouse quilt, a log cabin quilt, an African American  quilt, a prairie doll apron, and a schoolgirl sampler

• See vintage photos of prairie children, and read actual diary entries from children who traveled with their parents to settle in the West

American Doll Quilts

(This was my first book, published in 2004. A best-seller when it came out, it recently went out of print and is now back in print through Amazon.com's Print on Demand program.)

                                             *  *  *

Celebrate the sweet, centuries-old American tradition of antique doll quilts with stories of the past and heirlooms for the future. These simple projects will capture the charm of yesteryear for a child—or the child within.

Sixteen designs represent doll quilts made during different periods in American history, starting with the colonial period and moving through the Civil War, the Victorian era, the Great Depression, and World War II.  Explore our country’s quilting traditions while you learn some very basic blocks and simple piecing techniques to make simple little doll quilts much like the ones children learned to make long ago. Create authentic-looking doll quilts for your favorite 18-inch doll or just have fun with your reproduction fabric scraps.

Projects in a range of sizes up to 20" x 22" include an embroidered medallion quilt, a crazy quilt, Civil War era quilts and needle cases, an Amish quilt and a friendship pillow easy enough for a child to make.

Also includes information on fabrics and designs popular during the different historical periods.